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President's Day Classic


February 15-17, 2025:

All Ages - Club & Open

America's Center - St. Louis, MO

All Ages 



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Please note this is a 2-day event (Feb 17-18) for 11, 12 club and 12 premier.  It is a 3-day event (Feb 17-19) for 12 open and13-18s.

Wave Times for STL

8 AM:
18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 Open
15, 13, 12 Premier
16 Club (12 of 16 Pools at Chesterfield only on day 1), 12 Club
11 Girls

230 PM:
18, 17, 16, 14 Premier
18 Club, 17 Club, 15 Club (at Chesterfield only on day 1),14 Club, 13 Club


24 President's Day Classic Info

Hello all, 


   We are very excited to have the 2024 President's Day Classic kick off at the end of this week!  Here is some information to make things easier on you.  PLEASE make sure to pass along to parents and players as we have a record number of girls teams for this event.


1. Check in is between 3 PM and 9 PM on Friday night at the convention center in Hall 4. Please make sure that your rosters are correct as written in corrections will not be accepted. Rosters need to have USAV numbers and jersey numbers for all players. We only have check in on Friday night and all teams do need to be checked in before play, regardless of wave time and location on Saturday.  If you can't make it, you can send a parent or another coach in your place.  This is where coaches are given credentials.  Not making this registration will result in the coach having to pay for admission as well as possible forfeitures.


2. Many of you have asked about Friday night practices. Those will be allowed from 3 PM - 9 PM for $20. You will just need to check in at the tournament desk and we will assign you a court.


3. No outside food, coolers, MUSIC AMPLIFIERS, unapproved signage or chairs will be allowed in the convention center. Please pass along to your team as these are convention center rules. Seating is provided in the venue.


4. The schedule is posted on AES. There WILL BE CHANGES.  All divisions are seeded at this time but we do expect some changes as we go along.  All changes done before 6 PM on Friday will be the responsibility of the teams involved.  Any after that will be contacted via phone or email.


5. Please be aware of tie-breaking scenarios. We will be following the rules in place for qualifiers and USA Nationals.  We will hand these scenarios out at check in.  Three way ties will be broken by set percentage, but there could be playoffs if there is still a 3 way tie in matches AND sets.


6.  We will have All Tournament teams in all divisions that are 14 and older.  If your team is in a gold medal pool or bracket, please make sure to pick up a form on Monday to put in your votes.  Teams will need to nominate players from teams other than their own as well.  These will be announced in the week after the event and the awards will be sent via mail.  We will have these forms available at the tournament desk and at check in.


7. Any national anthem candidates who would like to try out, please approach the tournament desk on Friday or Saturday morning for a quick audition.


8.  Maps will be available at the convention center as you walk in.  Courts 1-25 are in the dome, and 26-75 are in the main halls.  All of these courts are only accessible via the hall 4 entrance.  Courts 76-79 are in the upstairs ballroom and 80-82 are in the atrium.   Courts 83-94 are at the Chesterfield location.  The address and locations can be found on the website for this location.


9.  Tickets information will be sent out tomorrow to all coaches and reservations.


10.  There is a college showcase available on Friday night as well.  Please be sure to check out the website if you are interested in signing up for this. 


11.  Trainers can be found in room 116.  


If you have any other questions, please let me know. Please make sure to pass on any pertinent information on to your players and families.


Looking forward to seeing you all,

Scott McQueen

All-Tournament Teams

Congratulations to all of the girls selected to their respective All-Tournament Team!

See the entire list of  All-Tournament Teams and Players:





2024 College Attendee List

University Athlete College Coaches Attendee List Prez Day 24

The list will grow as we get closer to the event.


If you have any questions regarding this tournament, please contact Scott McQueen.


This year's President's Day Tournament will be using Advanced Event Systems for its registration process. AES will be the website that is the choice of USAV Girl’s Junior National Championship, National Qualifiers, Regional’s, and many other events throughout the country.

  1. Go to Advanced Event Systems to register your team and club.
  2. Click on Create Account if you are a new user. If you already have a password and username, skip to step 4. If not, fill out the club info and hit the submit button.
  3. Next, fill out the Club Director info, creating a username and password and making sure to keep your username and password in an accessible spot for future use.
  4. Enter your username and password and login.
  5. Once logged in, add players & staff by clicking on the appropriate link. AES integrated with USAV’s Webpoint system, if your region uses Webpoint, WE HIGHLY recommend using the USAV Import link. (This will save you time)
  6. Click Teams – add teams
  7. Enter events – you will build your roster after you select the event, division(s) per team – then click BUILD ROSTER.
  8. Click on continue.
  9. Check the entry form box and click print entry form.
  10. Print form, sign, and send in with check or credit card information to Capitol Sports Center, President's Day Classic, 1915 Gladden Road, Plainfield, IN 46168.
  11. Make sure that rosters for each team get updated by the roster deadline date!
  12. Contact AES Housing at 1-800-476-0060 x118 for rooms to ensure that you meet the Stay to Play requirement of 15 room nights per team.

The Capitol Sports Center staff will send out broadcast emails to inform you of other information and steps as they come available.

Entry Fees

  • All 13s-18s, & 12 Open-: $775
  • 12 Club and 12 Premier $525
  • 11 Girls: $500

Registration is not considered complete until payment is sent in and this is a first come first serve event.  Registration does NOT insure acceptance.  Open divisions and premier divisions will be accepted on a quality control level to insure those divisions are the strongest possible.  Open and Premier will be invite only starting in 2023.  We will use current results on AES as well as past year's results in this events and other bigger events to determine if we are oversubscribed in those divisions.  Please make sure that results are up to date and CORRECT on AES.

No refunds will be given after November 1st or after a division fills, whichever comes first.  Teams that do not get in because of space will ALWAYS get a full refund, but since we will have over 900 entries, if you get accepted, we expect the date to be much before November 1st. 


Pre-tournament check-in will take place at the St. Louis Convention Center from 3:00-9:00 PM on Friday, February 16th. Please make sure that rosters are complete in AES by February 15th.

Level of Play

All levels will be accepted with some discretion from the tournament directors. While teams will still be allowed to self-select divisions, if the tournament director feels like a team is out of place by a significant amount, that team can be moved down. This will not be done without contacting the club and the team first.

Levels of play are in order from highest to lowest: Open, Premier, Club.

Competition General Rules and Regulations

  • No outside food, coolers, noise makers, music amplifiers, chairs, or unapproved signs are allowed in the facility.
  • Ticket Info - Single Day & Weekend admissions will be sold for this event. 
  • No ball handling is allowed in the halls or on the concrete.
  • Bags should not be left unattended in the hallways as security will confiscate them.
  • Court time can be had at the convention center on the day proceeding the event from 3-9 PM for $20 per team.  Please go to the tournament desk and we will assign your court once your team is present and ready to play. (not available in 2021 due to protocols).
  • Trainers are in room 116 


Thank you for attending the 2024 President’s Day Classic in St. Louis. We will be using our traditional method for Admission in 2024. Everyone will be required to show a wristband for the weekend or for the day (except for players who only need to show their uniform). Beginning Friday night, wristbands will be available from 3:00pm – 8:00pm in Room 120 (outside Hall 2 at the Convention Center) and then available throughout the weekend in that same room. Admissions will open at 6:45am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning at the convention center. We will also be using Chesterfield Sports Complex this year. This facility will have wristbands available Saturday – Monday (Daily and Weekend) for purchase starting at 7am each day. Please be aware that credit card lines can become long. To avoid delays, we are recommending that everyone use cash to purchase wristbands when possible. The cash lines move much quicker and will not delay you in getting to your court. You do not have to come to the convention center to purchase a wristband if you play in Chesterfield, as they are available on site there. Weekend passes will work for entry at both facilities.

Prices will be as follows:

1 Day Pass - $18 (1 day passes will be sold on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only)

3 Day Pass - $45

12 and under are Free

We are advising everyone to always keep your wristband on. If you lose or forget it, you will be expected to purchase a new one.

We will NOT be offering an option to pay online in advance of the tournament. All wristbands will be sold at the event.

**Additional Info**

All games will be played at 2 locations:

· America’s Center – 701 Convention Plaza, St Louis, MO 63101 (Courts 1-82)

· Chesterfield Sports Complex – 150 N. Eatherton Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63005 (Courts 83-94)

All other info for the event is listed on our website:

Chairs are provided around each court. Please do not bring your own chairs, as the convention center will not allow you to bring them in. There is also a Parking Map link on our website above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone!

Ryan Bozell

STL President’s Day Classic

Stay to Play and Save Policy

The President's Day Classic this year is happy to announce its implementation of the Stay to Play and Save policy. Although, this policy has been highly controversial in the volleyball community, it has become necessary to help combat hotels driving prices higher and higher. Over the years, we have had anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of our participants using rooms from the AES list. Unfortunately, as our tournament has grown, rates for downtown hotels have risen to astronomical prices. The best defense we have against these high prices, is to go to the Stay to Play and Save Policy.

What does this mean for you?

In order to participate in the President's Day Classic, each out of town team must get rooms from the AES Approved hotel Block. There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. Call us at 1-800-476-0060 ext 118 and we will help you with our personable and helpful staff led by Hannah.
  2. Go online to and click on the appropriate event.
    • Click on the appropriate hotel.
    • Click on club/team/parents – book here
    • Select state and check box of appropriate club, and then appropriate teams.
    • Continue making reservation. It WILL be important that each room in the block attribute their room to the appropriate team.

Housing will open on Friday, September 1st at 9 AM Eastern time. You will be able to go online and book on or call us at 800-476-0060 ext. 118.  Please be patient as our call volume is expected to be high.  Please leave us a voicemail or send an e-mail for assistance and we will respond at our earliest convenience. 

Teams can make room blocks or make individual reservations, it is up to what each club’s preference is and what is the easiest process for those groups. We are here to help and to make this process as easy as possible.

How does Stay to Play and Save benefit you?

  1. Hotel Prices
    First and foremost, hotel prices have been driven down. We have seen dramatic decreases for our downtown hotels as well.
  2. Practice Balls
    The ability to leave practice balls at home allows for great savings. Teams that are flying in pay as much as $50-$100 to bring practice balls. We will now be able to have balls available for check out at the tournament desk. Two forms of ID will need to be left in order to take advantage of this benefit, but will be returned when the balls are returned. Please register before by emailing Scott McQueen at to take advantage of this savings. If you do not pre-register, it will be based on availability.
  3. Coupons and discounts at local restaurants and shopping attractions
    With an increased commitment to the city and its hotels, we have been able to receive more opportunities for savings at various shops, restaurants, and local attractions that before would not have been available.

Recruiting Combine, St. Louis, MO

Get Recruited at the 2024 STL Presidents Day Recruiting Combine

February 16th - 6:30 to 8 pm.

St. Louis, MO - America Center (convention center)

click here to register



Visitor Information

America's Center Convention Complex
701 Convention Plaza
St Louis, MO 63101

 2024 links will be updated once received.


For St. Louis - single day or whole weekend admissions will be sold. 

DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS PARKING FACILITIES - 2024 links will be updated once received.

St. Louis City Museum

Click this link for details on visiting the St. Louis City Museum while in town for the Presidents Day Classic. 

TBA - for 2024

Group Transportation: Explore STL

Please keep us in mind for any upcoming group transportation needs, especially last minute this month!  


At your convenience, I look forward to discussing the 17 vehicles that currently make up our fleet: 

  • 6 passenger Cadillac Escalade SUV 
  • 8-10 passenger Stretch Hummer 
  • 11 passenger Transit Van 
  • 28 passenger Shuttle Bus 
  • (7) 30 passenger perimeter seated trolleys-
  • (3) 36 passenger forward seated trolleys
  • 40 passenger Grech Mini Coach with a restroom on board
  • (2) 56 passenger Motor Coaches with a restroom on board

please email - Brian @ for more details!

Sponsors & Exhibitors Exhibitor / Sponsorship Information

Exhibitor / Sponsorship Information

Please email Bryan at or call 317-498-5299 if you are interested in receiving exhibitor/sponsorship information.

Click photo to access Baller TV for Prez Day 2024

Click photo to access Baller TV for Prez Day 2024