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2019 Nike Mid-East Qualifier

Date Age Groups Location Start Times
Week 1: 3/15-3/17 11-14s, 15USA, 15Am, 15S St. Louis, MO Schedule
Week 2: 3/22-3/24 15 Open, 15 Select, 16-18s Indianapolis, IN Schedule

Start Times for Friday

8 AM - All Open, 11s (Saturday start time for 11s), 12s, 
             17 American, 13 American
              16 USA, 15 USA
              15 Select

230 PM - 18 USA, 17 USA, 14 USA, 13 USA
                  18 American, 15 American
                  17 Select, 16 Select, 14 Select

TBD by seeding-  14 American, 16 American


If you have any questions regarding this tournament, please contact Scott McQueen.


MEQ will be using Advanced Event Systems for its registration process. AES will be the website that is the choice of USA JNC Girls Championship, many other qualifiers (including MEQ) and regional tournaments around the nation for registering teams.

  1. Go to Advanced Event Systems to register your team and club.
  2. Click on Add Club if you are a new user. If you already have a password and username, skip to step 4. If not, fill out the club info and hit the submit button.
  3. Next, fill out the Club Director info, creating a username and password and making sure to keep your username and password in an accessible spot for future use.
  4. Enter your username and password and login.
  5. Click on Staff, then "Add New Staff." Enter the information, and hit the submit button.
  6. Click on Players, then "Add New Players." Enter the information, and hit the submit button. Repeat for all players.
  7. Click on Teams from the list on the left.
  8. Click on Add New Teams, enter info, and submit information.
  9. Click on your new team, and then on "Add/Update Staff." Click on "Add New Staff" and choose from the pull down list the available names and hit submit.
  10. Go back to "Teams," click on the selected team, and then on "Add/Update Team Players." Choose from the pull down list of available names and hit submit. Continue until all team players are added.
  11. Click on "Enter Events." Hit the "Register" button for the weekend of MEQ that you are wanting to play.
  12. Select the division from the pull down list that you wish to enter your team and click on "Register Teams."
  13. Make sure you update your results under the results section!
  14. Contact AES Housing at 1-800-476-0060 x18 for rooms to ensure that you meet the Stay to Play requirement of 12 room nights per team.
  15. The Capitol Sports Center staff will send out broadcast emails to inform you of other information and steps as they come available. The checks and registration form can be sent to Capitol Sports Center, 1915 Gladden Road, Plainfield, Indiana, 46168.

Basic Info

Fact Sheet

Tournaments Offered 

Entry Fees

Entry Deadline

Team Selection

Bid Refusal and Notification

Competition Format

Coaches Meeting


Coaches Certification




Fact Sheet

Within the MEQ there are numerous tournaments. These tournaments are the following divisions: Open, National (12& Under Only), USA, & American. These divisions are then divided into tournaments by age group (18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12). All tournaments are for girl's teams.

Tournaments Offered


This tournament is limited to 48 teams. Up to 3 bids per tournament are available to this Open Division of the 2018 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter this tournament. The actual number of bids is contingent on the number of entries per tournament:

Open Teams (18 & Under Age Group)
  • 16 to 48 teams entered = 3 bids
  • 12 to 15 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 11 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids

(17, 16, 15, 14 & UNDER AGE GROUPS)

These tournaments are limited to 48 teams per each age group. Up to 3 bids per tournament are available to the Open Division of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter this tournament. The actual number of bids is contingent on the number of entries per tournament:

Open Teams (17, 16, 15, 14 & Under Age Groups)
  • 24 to 48 teams entered = 3 bids
  • 16 to 23 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 15 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids


This tournament is limited to 48 teams. Up to 2 bids per tournament are available to this 13 Open Division of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter this tournament. The actual number of bids is contingent on the number of entries per tournament:

Open Teams (13 & Under Age Group)
  • 12 to 48 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 11 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids


This tournament is limited to 128 teams. One bid is available to the National Division of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter this tournament.


This tournament is limited to 48 teams. Up to 3 bids per tournament are available to the USA Divisions of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter each tournament. The actual number of bids is contingent on the number of entries per tournament:

USA Teams (18 & Under Age Group)
  • 24 to 128 teams entered = 3 bids
  • 16 to 23 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 15 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids

(17, 16, 15, 14, 13 & UNDER AGE GROUPS)

These tournaments are limited to 128 teams per group. Up to 2 bids per tournament are available to the USA Divisions of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter each tournament. The actual number of bids is contingent on the number of entries per tournament:

USA Teams (13 & Under Age Group)
  • 12 to 128 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 11 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids
USA Teams (17, 16, 15, 14 & Under Age Groups)
  • 24 to 128 teams entered = 3 bids
  • 16 to 23 teams entered = 2 bids
  • 8 to 15 teams entered = 1 bid
  • Less than 8 teams entered = 0 bids

(18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 & UNDER AGE GROUPS)

These tournaments are limited to 128 teams per group. One bid per tournament is available to the American Division of the 2019 Mideast Qualifier provided 8 teams enter each tournament.

If either field size of the 12 & under National and American Divisions does not meet the above minimums then the divisions will be combined and called the National Division. If this combined National Division has 16 or more teams, then it will retain both bids with the first bid going to the National Division at YJNC and 2nd bid going to the American division at YJNC. IF the combined National Division has less than 16 teams, then it will receive one bid for the National Divsion at YJNC provided 8 teams are entered in the combined National Division.

(17, 16, 15, 14, 11, 10 & UNDER AGE GROUPS)

Select Divisions are NON-bid divisions and are comparable to the American level of play. The Select Division does, however, allow for foreign teams as well as waivered players.


Entry Fees

  • $775

NOTE - A cash deposit is no longer necessary to enter in Open tournaments at Qualifiers. In the case of an open team obtaining a bid to the JNC but does not use the bid, the team's club, director and coach(es) will not be allowed participation in any Qualifier for the 2019 season.

Entry Deadline

Entries for the MEQ must be received by 5pm EST on February 15th, 2019. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE ENTRY DEADLINE or after a division fills.

Team Selection, Bid Refusal & Notification

Immediately after the deadline, all teams will be notified of their acceptance to the event.  It is strongly advised that each team submit any and all results to date, by the entry deadline. Teams with results on file are considered first. The following criteria will be used by the Competition Committee of the Youth & Junior Division of USA Volleyball to determine the field:


  • Date that the completed entry application is received by the Qualifier. This includes being registered on AES, payment being received by Capitol Sports Center, and the housing requirement being fulfilled on AES (This INCLUDES having individual rooms picked up within the block and attributed to appropriate teams).

Teams are cautioned about making non-refundable travel plans prior to the acceptance date. Teams are, however, encouraged to make housing plans early.

Competition Format / Coaches Meeting

All teams should be prepared to play at 8 am local time on Friday, March 15th or Friday, March 22nd. Actual start times will be communicated after the entry deadline. All competition is projected to be completed by 4:00 PM on the final day. Required team check-in will run from 3-9:30 PM local time on the Thursday, March 14th or Thursday, March 21st. Sites of the meetings will be at the Americas Center (St. Louis)/Indiana Convention Center(Indy). All formats and seeding will be as designated by the YJND Competition Committee.


Up referees will be supplied for all matches. Teams will be required to supply down referees, line judges and scorekeepers.  Down officials for all ages need to be rostered adults.

Coaches Certification

As in the case with the Junior National Championships, everyone listed on a roster as a coach is required to be IMPACT level and SafeSport certified. To obtain information on becoming properly certified, contact the junior rep of your region.


This year MEQ will be charging an entry fee for all non-players and non-coaches. Tickets can be bought Thursday - Sunday at the rate of $10 a day or $25 for a 3-day pass.

We will start selling bracelets on the day before the event from 5:00pm - 8:30pm. Admission will then again be open at 7:00am on the first day of the event. "Lost" bracelets will not be replaced. We will replace damaged bracelets if needed. There will be security guards at the entrance and each hall and you will need to have the bracelet around your wrist to enter.

Championship Manuals

2017 USAV Championship Manuals are available below:

Required Check-In

Required pre-tournament check-in will take place at the America's Center from 3-9:30 PM local time on Thursday, March 14, 2019 for Week 1 and from 3-9:30 PM local time on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at the Indianapolis Convention Center for Week 2. Please makes sure you have all of your players USAV numbers and medical release forms at check in. All teams MUST be checked in before playing and there will be no check-in the morning that play begins.

Stay to Play and Save Policy

The Mid•East Qualifier this year is happy to announce its implementation of the Stay to Play and Save policy. Although, this policy has been highly controversial in the volleyball community, it has become necessary to help combat hotels driving prices higher and higher. Over the years, we have had anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of our participants using rooms from the AES list. Unfortunately, as our tournament has grown, rates for downtown hotels have risen to astronomical prices. The best defense we have against these high prices, is to go to the Stay to Play and Save Policy.

What does this mean for you?

In order to participate in the Mideast Qualifier, each out of town team must get rooms from the AES Approved hotel Block. There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. Call us at 1-800-476-0060 ext 118 and we will help you with our personable and helpful staff led by Kristine and Chris.
  2. Go online to and click on the appropriate event.
    • Click on the appropriate hotel.
    • Click on club/team/parents – book here
    • Select state and check box of appropriate club, and then appropriate teams.
    • Continue making reservation. It WILL be important that each room in the block attribute their room to the appropriate team.

Teams can make room blocks or make individual reservations, it is up to what each club’s preference is and what is the easiest process for those groups. We are here to help and to make this process as easy as possible.

How does Stay to Play and Save benefit you?

  1. Hotel Prices
    First and foremost, hotel prices have been driven down. We have seen dramatic decreases for our downtown hotels as well.
  2. Practice Balls
    The ability to leave practice balls at home allows for great savings. Teams that are flying in pay as much as $50-$100 to bring practice balls. We will now be able to have balls available for check out at the tournament desk. Two forms of ID will need to be left in order to take advantage of this benefit, but will be returned when the balls are returned. Please register before by emailing Scott McQueen at to take advantage of this savings. If you do not pre-register, it will be based on availability.
  3. Coupons and discounts at local restaurants and shopping attractions
    With an increased commitment to the city and its hotels, we have been able to receive more opportunities for savings at various shops, restaurants, and local attractions that before would not have been available.

View an on-line list of colleges who registered for the 2018 girl's tournament via the University Athlete website. Keep in mind that this list may stay small until closer to the event.

Colleges Attending Week 1

Colleges Attending Week 2

Colleges that attended the 2018 Mid-East Qualifier

OVER 325 Colleges attended the 2018 Mid-East Qualifier. See the full list below!

Adrian College Indiana University Purdue University Ft. Wayne The Citadel
Air Force Academy Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis The Naval Academy
Akron University Indiana Wesleyan University Thomas More College
Akron University Iowa State University Towson University
Albion College James Madison University Trine University
Alderson Broaddus University Kansas State University Troy University
Anderson University Kansas University Truman State University
Appalacian State University Kennesaw State University Tufts University
Arizona State University Kent State University Tulane University
Arizona State University Kentucky Christian University Union University
Arkansas State University Kenyon College University at Albany
Arkansas State University Knox College University at Buffalo
Army West Point Lake Erie College University Athlete
Asbury University Lake Forest College University of Alabama
Ashland University Lawrence University University of Alabama at Birmingham
Auburn University Lees-McRae College University of Alabama Huntsville
Aurora University Lehigh University University of Arkansas
Austin Peay State University Lewis University University of California, Los Angeles
Ball State University Liberty University University of Central Arkansas
Baylor University Lincoln Land Community College University of Central Florida
Bellarmine University Lincoln Trail College University of Central Missouri
Belmont University Lindenwood University University of Charleston
Benedictine College Lipscomb University University of Cincinnati
Bethel Univeristy Louisiana State University University of Connecticut
Binghamton University Loyola University Chicago University of Dayton
Blackburn College Loyola University Maryland University of Delaware
Bluffton University Madonna University University of Evansville
Bowling Green State University Manchester University University of Florida
Bradley University Marian University University of Georgia
Brown University Marietta College University of Illinois
Bryant University Marquette University University of Indianapolis
Bucknell University Mars Hill University University of Iowa
Butler University Mckendree University University of Kentucky
Campbell University Mercyhurst University University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Cedarville University Miami University Ohio University of Louisville
Central College Michigan State University University of Maryland
Central Michigan University Middle Tennessee State University University of Memphis
Centre College Middlebury College University of Miami
Charelston Southern University Mississippi  Southern State University University of Michigan 
Chatham University Mississippi State University University of Michigan Dearborn
Clarion University Missouri University of Science and Technology University of Minnesota
Clemson University Missouri Western State University University of Mississippi
Clemson University Morehead State University University of Missouri
Cleveland State University Murray State University University of Missouri Kansas City
Coastal Carolina University Muskingum University University of Nebraska
Coe College National Scouting Report University of Nevada
Colgate University North Carolina A&T State University University of New Hampshire
College of Charleston North Carolina State University University of North Alabama
College of the Holy Cross North Central College University of North Carolina
College of Wooster North Dakota State University University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Colorado State University North Park University University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Concordia University Chicago Northeastern University University of North Florida
Concordia University Wisconsin Northern Illinois University University of Northern Iowa
Creighton University Northern Kentucky University University of Notre Dame
Creighton University Northern Michigan University University of Oregon
Dartmouth College Northwest Missouri State University of Pennsylvania
Davenport University Northwestern University University of Pittsburgh
Delaware Valley University Northwood University University of Rhode Island
DePaul University Oakland University University of Rochester
Dominican University Illinois Oberlin College University of Saint Francis Ft. Wayne
Drake University Ohio Dominican University University of South Alabama
Drury University Ohio Northern University University of South Carolina
Duquesne University Ohio State University University of South Dakota
Earlham College Ohio University University of South Florida
East Carolina University Ohio Valley University University of Southern California
Eastern Illinois Ohio Wesleyan University University of Southern Indiana
Eastern Illinois University Olivet Nazarene University University of Tennessee
Eastern Michigan University Otterbein University University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Elmhurst College Parkland College University of Tennessee at Martin
Emory University Pennsylvania State University University of Texas 
Fairfield University Purdue University University of Texas at Arlington
Fairmont State University Purdue University Northwest University of the Cumberlands
Ferris State University Quincy University University of Toledo
Flagler University Ranger College University of Tulsa
Florida Gulf Coast University Rend Lake College University of Utah
Florida Southern College Rhodes College University of Virginia
Florida State University Rice University University of Washington
Fontbonne University Robert Morris University University of West Alabama
Fordham University Rose-Hulmnan Institute of Technology University of Wisconsin
Franklin College Saginaw Valley State University University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Gannon University Saint Francis University University of Wyoming
George Washington University Saint Joseph's College Ursuline College
Georgia Southern University Saint Leo University Valparaiso University
Georgia State University Saint Louis University Villanova University
Georgia Tech Saint Mary of the Woods College Indiana Virginia Commonwealth University
Grace College Samford University Virginia Tech
Graceland University Seton Hall University Wake Forest University
Grand Canyon University Shawnee State University Walsh University
Grand Valley State University Shepherd University Washburn University
Greenville College Siena Heights University Washington and Lee University
Grinnell College Slippery Rock University Washington State University
Hanover College Southeast Missouri State University Washington University in St. Louis
Harvard University Southern Illinois University West Virginia University
Heidelberg University Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Western Carolina University
High Point University Southern Methodist University Western Illinois University
Hillsdale College Southern Mississippi University Western Kentucky University
Hiram College Spring Arbor University Western Michigan University
Hope College St. John Fisher College Western Virginia University
Howard University St. Louis University Westminster College Missouri
Huntington University St. Mary's University Texas Wheeling Jesuit University
Illinois College Stanford University William Jewell College
Illinois State University Stanford University Williams College
Illinois Wesleyan University Stony Brook University Witchita State University
Indiana State University Taylor University Wittenberg University
Indiana Tech Temple University Wofford College
Indiana University Tennessee Tech University Wright State University
Indiana University East Texas A&M University Xavier University of Louisiana
Indiana University Kokomo Texas Christian University Youngstown State University
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Texas Tech


Visitor Information



100 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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Gate Ten Events & Parking is 100 feet south of Lucas Oil Stadium. Our prime parking location and events facility is located in the “heart” of the Indianapolis action. We have space for over 700 vehicles and offer a FLAT RATE daily parking fee, with entry and exit privileges. Overnight parking is included in daily rate.

Daily Rates

$18 - Car / Truck / SUV

  $25 - Large Van (15 Passenger)
  $50 - RV
  $60 - Bus
2 Days $33
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4 Days $63
5 Days $78

Contact us:

Phone: (317) 737-2036 or (855) 2GO-PARK
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The Go Green Airport Shuttle is the express Indianapolis Airport shuttle serving Downtown Indianapolis. Our most popular stops serve Lucas Oil Stadium, The Convention Center, and The Marriott Complex (JW Marriott). The shuttle operates from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm 7 days a week. It’s just $10.00 one-way! Priority is given to online reservations. We strongly recommend you book a round trip reservation online so you won’t have to wait for the next bus! At the airport, Cash and Major Credit Cards are accepted but walkups may have to wait for the next shuttle.

St. Louis:

America's Center Convention Complex
701 Convention Plaza
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Discount Offers


Americas Center, St. Louis, MO


Thursday, March 14th 7:00-8:30pm

  • Open to female players 8th grade and older, who have the desire and potential to be NCAA Division I athletes.
  • This is a VIDEO Combine.
  • All players/drills/skills will be filmed and recorded.
  • The video, along with player contact info will be sent to every NCAA Division I volleyball program.

Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN


Thursday, March 21st

Session I - 6:00 to 7:30pm | Session II - 7:30-9:00pm

The MEQ Recruiting Combine will be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center and is open to any high school age player, regardless if they are participating in the MEQ National Qualifier or not. 

The MEQ Recruiting Combine will have two waves to choose from and will be promoted to every NCAA Division I team in the country. In addition, we will promote the Combine to every NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA and Junior College Volleyball in the Midwest and East coast regions. 

High Performance

The mission of the USAV High Performance Program is to build a national pipeline of junior volleyball athletes and coaches, creating broad opportunities for advancing the level of play, competition and skill development throughout the sport. More Information >

2019 Girls' Tryouts

Date Time City Location
TBA TBA Indianapolis, IN Indiana Convention Center
TBA TBA Indianapolis, IN Indiana Convention Center

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Please email Bryan at or call 317-498-5299 if you are interested in receiving exhibitor/sponsorship information.

For more info about the SIDEOUT Foundation click here.