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Central Zone Invitational

All Ages : JANUARY 24-25, 2015

Date Age Groups Location Schedule / Results
1/24-25/2015 All Age Groups Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN
Schedule TBA
Start Times: Please follow the link to the CZ Invitational schedule when it becomes available. Please be aware that most divisions will have 2 rounds on Saturday and those will be posted later in the week.

8:00 AM - 12 Club, 12 Open, 13 Open, 14 Club, 14 Open, 15 Club, 15 Open, 16 Open, 18 Club

11:00 AM - 13 Club, 16 Club, 17 Club, 17 Open, 18 Open

Welcome to the 2015 Central Zone season. The Central Zones are coming off another successful season in which teams finished in many of the top spots in the 2013 US Junior National Championships in Columbus, OH and the AAU Championships in Orlando, FL. Once again the results confirm that the Central Zones are not only one of the most competitive junior leagues in the Midwest, but also in the Nation!

Visit Indy: The official host of Indianapolis

As Visit Indy, it's our job to promote the city of Indianapolis. And that job has never been easier, more energizing or more rewarding than it is right now. As an unprecedented level of cooperation between business and government boosts Indianapolis to a completely new level, we're reveling in the opportunity to show our city off.

Click here for Visit Indy's information about the Central Zone Invitational weekend.


On Friday evening, January 30, 2015, prior to this tournament, there will be a College Showcase at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Registration for this showcase is separate from the tournament and optional.

Central Zone College Showcase Flyer coming soon!
Click to register for the optional Showcase when it becomes available.


Click HERE for a comprehensive list of colleges who attended the Central Zone Invitational.

Some schools use the University Athlete program and you can click the link below to see which ones confirmed their attendance using that program. Click HERE to view University Athlete's list of attending schools.


This year's Central Zone Series will be using Advanced Event Systems for its registration process. AES will be the website that is the choice of USA JNC Girls Championship, National Qualifiers, Regional’s, and many other events throughout the country.

  1. Go to Advanced Event Systems to register your team and club.
  2. Click on Create Account if you are a new user. If you already have a username and password, skip to step 4.
  3. Next, fill out the Club Director info, creating a username and password and making sure to keep your username and password in an accessible spot for future use.
  4. Enter your username and password and login.
  5. Once logged in, add players & staff by clicking on the appropriate link.  AES integrated with USAV’s Webpoint system, if your region uses Webpoint, WE HIGHLY recommend using the USAV Import link.  (This will save you time)
  6. Click Teams – add teams
  7. Enter events – you will build your roster after you select the event, division(s) per team – then click BUILD ROSTER.
  8. Click on continue.
  9. Check the entry form box and click print entry form.
  10. Print form, sign, and send in with check or credit card information to Capitol Sports Center, 1915 Gladden Road, Plainfield, IN  46168.
  11. Make sure that rosters for each team gets updated by the roster deadline date!

The Capitol Sports Center staff will send out broadcast emails to inform you of other information and steps as they come available.

Entry fees must be received with completed entry form to be accepted into the tournament by 1/23/2015. This event is open to all teams USAV, JVA, or AAU, however, rosters do need to be submitted online by the roster deadline.


  • It is required to play within your age group
  • Tournament held in Indianapolis
  • Paid referees on all matches
  • Guaranteed 6 matches
  • Entry Fee: $375
  • Entry Deadline: January 23rd, 2015
  • Make checks payable to:
    Capitol Sports Center, 1915 Gladden Road, Plainfield, IN 46168
  • Contact: Lance Keating -


*** Most playing sites in Indiana will be charging a facility use fee for the 2015 season. ***


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