Circle City Volleyball Club

2015 Summer Camps

Come join us for some volleyball fun this summer! Whether you are new to volleyball, preparing for the upcoming season, or just wanting to improve on a specific skill, Circle City has a camp for you! Learn More >

2015 Friday Night Development Program

The Friday Night Developmental Program is available for 1st through 5th grade girls and boys and is a great introduction to volleyball. There are no try-outs for this program. We will have two sessions and you may sign up for one or both. Each session will be seven weeks and will meet on Friday's from 6pm to 7:30pm. The cost for each session is $140. The following are the dates for each session:

Session 1: $140 Session 2: $140
January 16, 23, 30 April 3 (Canceled), 10, 17, 24
February 6, 13, 20, 27 May 1, 8, 15, 22 (Make-up Date)

Each participant will receive a t-shirt. If you would like to participate, please contact us using the registration form below.

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Download the Registration Form >
(mail it with payment at least 1 week in advance)

2015 Bluegrass Tournament Results

Circle City sent 11 teams to the Bluegrass Tournament and ended with a record of 59-16 on the weekend! Here are all of our finishes:

Team Place Division
18 Purple 5th 18 Open
18 Black 5th 18 Premier
17 Purple  5th 17 Open
17 Black 5th 17 Premier
16 Purple 1st 16 Open
16 Black 3rd 16 Premier
Team Place Division
15 Purple 5th 15 Open
15 Black 3rd 15 Premier
14 Purple 2nd 14 Open
14 Black 10th  14 Premier
13 Purple 14th 13 Open

2015 Circle City Challenge Results

Team Place Division
14 Pierson 3rd 14s
14 White 1st 15s
15 Power Casey 2nd 16s
Team Place Division
16 White 3rd 18s
16 Dickerson 1st 18s

2015 Central Zone Invitational Results

Circle City put on a show at this year's Central Zone Invitational!

Team Place Division
18 Purple 1st 18 Open
18 Black 1st 18 Club
17 Purple  1st 17 Open
17 Black 3rd 17 Club
16 Purple 1st 16 Open
16 Black 3rd 16 Premier
Team Place Division
16 White 3rd 16 Club
16 Travel 2nd 16 Club
15 Purple 3rd 15 Open
14 Purple 1st 14 Open
14 Black 2nd 14 Premier
13 Purple 2nd 13 Open

College Funding Dilemma

There will be college funding workshops held in January, February and March on various days to help Circle City parents understand the financial aspect of scholarships and college. Click HERE for details and sign-up information on the remaining January meeting and click HERE for February and March details and sign-up information.

BURST Returns to Circle City With Robert Blackwell

Circle City is excited to welcome back Robert Blackwell. Rob is in charge of the BURST program to help make our players better athletes. The program consists of 50 minute sessions to help develop players into better jumpers with quicker movements. BURST sessions are held Sundays at 1:00pm and Wednesdays at 6:00pm until January. Rob has had a great deal of success on many levels and we are excited to see the improvements he can make in our athletes as well. If you are interested in taking part in this voluntary program, please email Rob at

2015 Circle City Coaching Line-up

These are the teams that we will have for the 2015 season. All 16, 17 & 18 year old teams will be National Teams. We will be placing the last few assistants before tryouts. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email.

* (CO) denotes Co-Coach

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach
18 Purple Rebekah O'Brien Makayla Ferguson
18 Black Danielle English Michelle Goodnight
18 White Michael Flierl Louie Aguilar  
17 Purple Kristine "Wheels" Deem Ashley Francis
17 Black Kenzie Tonn Cory Merriman
16 Purple Lori Janssen Kristina Johnson
16 Black Jenna Tadros Josh Fifield
16 White Jessica Chichester Jessica Dirr
16 Travel Anthony Dickerson James Dickerson
15 Purple Chris Due Lance Keating
15 Black Daniel Mudd (CO) Kristina Dennemann (CO)
15 White Dawn Alexander Aubrey Cook
15 Travel Amanda Probst Gabby Fisher
15 Power Casey Chrzastowski Warren Wallace
14 Purple Scott McQueen Kathy Anderson
14 Black Carl Lucas Kelly Moore
14 White Kaley Pettiford Alexis Padgett
14 Power Shea Pierson Jerry Boucher
14 Power Anita Liptak Ashley Koontz
13 Purple Katie Daprile Amber Crowe
13 Black Ashley Crowe (CO) Kelly Due (CO)
13 White Jerry Boucher Phil Lucas
12 Purple Tina Ryland (CO) Kosmo Mobarecki (CO)
12 Black Jessica Sullivan (CO) Julie Waddell (CO)
12 Regional Lance Keating (CO) Marty Dobson (CO)
Jerry Boucher (CO) Lauren Mroz (CO)

2014 Fall & Winter Clinics

These clinics are open to players of all ability levels. Learn the fundamentals, develop correct techniques and increase your game play experience. Every facet of the game is covered, giving you a solid skill foundation to build upon after each clinic. Learn More >

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2013-14 Year-End Results

2014 has been a great year for Circle City Volleyball Club with great results at all levels.  The goal for most clubs across the country is to qualify in the Open Division of USAV Junior Nationals.  While, qualifying just one team is a great accomplishment in itself, Circle was able to qualify 5 teams.  Circle City was 1 of only 8 clubs to qualify 5 ore more teams in the Open Division for USAV Junior Nationals.

Circle City works to play the most competitive schedule of any club in Indiana while also keeping travel reasonable.  We are fortunate to have the Mideast Qualifier in our backyard allowing our teams to play other clubs from across the country.  In the 2015 season, Chicago will also host a new National Qualifier giving our teams even more opportunity to play teams from a distance while still keeping travel to a minimum. 

Here is a list of some of our year-end accomplishments: 

  • 18 Purple completes an incredible season with a 3rd place finish at USAV Junior Nationals only losing one match to eventual Winner  Coast 18 Mizuno out of Southern California.  The 18 Open Division of USAV Junior Nationals is by far the strongest year end event in the Country in the 18 & Under Division.  18 Purple also won both National Qualifiers that it participated in. 
  • 18 Black finishes 28th out of 49 teams in the 18 Open Division of AAU's. 
  • 18 White finishes their season with a 19th place finish out of 87 teams at AAU's competing in the 18 Club Division.  They narrowly missed out on advancing from their last pool losing 15-13 in the third to WAVE 18 Jon out of Southern California.   
  • 17 Purple claims 7th place at USAV Junior Nationals. The 17 Open Division of USAV Junior Nationals is by far the strongest year end event in the Country in the 17 & Under Division.  17 Purple also won The Northeast Qualifier.
  • 17 Black finishes 13th in the 17 National Division of USAV Junior Nationals.  They narrowly missed a minimum of a top 8 finish after losing their challenge match 15-13 in the third set.  What an incredible run knocking off some 1's teams from some top-level clubs. 
  • 16 Purple ends their season on a 30-2 run winning three straight tournaments before finishing 5th in 16 Open at AAU's. 
  • 16 Black finishes 25th out of 80 teams in the 16 Premier Division at AAU's 
  • 16 White finishes 31st out of 138 teams in the 16 Club Division at AAU's. 
  • 16 West finishes 15th out of 55 teams at Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago 
  • 15 Purple finishes 23rd in 15 Open at USAV Junior Nationals. The 15 Open Division of USAV Junior Nationals is by far the strongest year end event in the Country in the 15 & Under Division.    
  • 15 Black finishes 17th out of 123 teams in the 15 Club Division at AAU's. 
  • 15 White finishes 39th out of 123 teams in the 15 Club Division at AAU's. 
  • 15 Chichester finishes 5th out of 55 teams at Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago. 
  • 15 Probst finishes 9th at the KIVA Memorial Day Classic 
  • 14 Purple gets eliminated from contention at USAV Junior Nationals in the 14 Open Division in a 5 way tie for second in their 8 team pool. The 14 Open Division of USAV Junior Nationals is by far the strongest year-end event in the country in the 14 & Under Division. 
  • 14 Black finishes 51st out of 139 teams in the 14 Club Division at AAU's. 
  • 14 White finishes 2nd out of 48 teams at Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago. 
  • 14 Power Shea finishes 24th out of 48 teams at Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago. 
  • 14 Power James finishes 15th at the KIVA Memorial Day Classic 
  • 13 Purple finishes 11th in the 13 Open Division at USAV Junior Nationals.    
  • 13 Black finishes 47th out of 108 teams in the 13 Club Division at AAU's 
  • 13 Power Alexander finishes 9th at MAVA Pre Nationals 
  • 13 Power Reilly finishes 7th at the Munciana Classic 
  • 12 Purple finishes 21st out of 48 teams in the 13's Division of Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago 
  • 12 Black finishes 21st ouf of 48 teams at Asics Junior Nationals in Chicago 
  • 12 Squirrels, 12 Blue Guppies & 12 Minions all completed their season at the Midwest Power League Tournament

Recruiting Information

The Circle City Volleyball Club has helped hundreds of student-athletes with the recruiting process. For those new to club, and even those who have played at Circle for years, the rules and requirements can seem a little overwhelming. So, we have put together a short information page for those interested in the recruiting process, from Freshmen year to Senior year. Read more >