Circle City Volleyball Club

2016 Summer Camps

Come join us for some volleyball fun this summer! Whether you are new to volleyball, preparing for the upcoming season, or just wanting to improve on a specific skill, Circle City has a camp for you! Learn More >

Academic All Americans

Congratulations to Aly Matern, Jayla Campbell, Marissa Flick and Megan Hammond! These four student-athletes are recipients of the 2015 AAU Volleyball Academic All American Award. The award recognizes athletes of the AAU Volleyball program for their excellence in academics as well as athletics. Great job, girls!

2015 SPVB Pre-National Results

Team Place Division
18 White 17th 18 Club
17 Purple 3rd 17 Open
17 Black 15th 17 Open
16 Purple 2nd 16 Open
16 White 29th 16 Club
Team Place Division
15 Purple 1st 15 Open
15 Black 1st 15 Club
14 Purple 9th 15 Open
14 Black 15th 15 Club

2015 Circle City Invitational Results

Team Place Division
18 Purple 1st 18 Open
18 Black 5th 18 Open
18 White 2nd 18 Club
17 Purple 5th 18 Open
17 Black 3rd 18 Open
16 Purple 2nd 18 Open
16 Black 3rd 18 Club
16 White 3rd 16 Girls
16 Travel 1st 16 Girls
15 Purple 3rd 18 Open
15 Black 3rd 16 Girls
15 White 7th 16 Girls
Team Place Division
15 Travel 4th 16 Club
15 Power Casey 6th 16 Club
14 Purple 1st 18 Club
14 Black 1st 16 Club
14 White 5th 16 Club
14 Power Shea 2nd 14 Club
14 Power Liptak 12th 14 Club
13 Purple 3rd 16 Club
13 Black 3rd 13 Club
13 White 10th 13 Club
12 Purple 5th 13 Club
12 Black 2nd 12 Girls

2015 Bluegrass Tournament Results

Circle City sent 11 teams to the Bluegrass Tournament and ended with a record of 59-16 on the weekend! Here are all of our finishes:

Team Place Division
18 Purple 5th 18 Open
18 Black 5th 18 Premier
17 Purple  5th 17 Open
17 Black 5th 17 Premier
16 Purple 1st 16 Open
16 Black 3rd 16 Premier
Team Place Division
15 Purple 5th 15 Open
15 Black 3rd 15 Premier
14 Purple 2nd 14 Open
14 Black 10th  14 Premier
13 Purple 14th 13 Open

2015 Circle City Challenge Results

Team Place Division
14 Pierson 3rd 14s
14 White 1st 15s
15 Power Casey 2nd 16s
Team Place Division
16 White 3rd 18s
16 Dickerson 1st 18s

2015 Central Zone Invitational Results

Circle City put on a show at this year's Central Zone Invitational!

Team Place Division
18 Purple 1st 18 Open
18 Black 1st 18 Club
17 Purple  1st 17 Open
17 Black 3rd 17 Club
16 Purple 1st 16 Open
16 Black 3rd 16 Premier
Team Place Division
16 White 3rd 16 Club
16 Travel 2nd 16 Club
15 Purple 3rd 15 Open
14 Purple 1st 14 Open
14 Black 2nd 14 Premier
13 Purple 2nd 13 Open

AAU Member Fights Disease, Returns to the Court

Seventeen year old Plainfield, IN native Melanie McHenry was diagnosed with Lemierre’s Syndrome in February of 2015. But that didn’t stop her for pursuing the game she loves. Read more >

BURST Returns to Circle City With Robert Blackwell

Circle City is excited to welcome back Robert Blackwell. Rob is in charge of the BURST program to help make our players better athletes. The program consists of 50 minute sessions to help develop players into better jumpers with quicker movements. BURST sessions are held Sundays at 1:00pm and Wednesdays at 6:00pm until January. Rob has had a great deal of success on many levels and we are excited to see the improvements he can make in our athletes as well. If you are interested in taking part in this voluntary program, please email Rob at

Recruiting Information

The Circle City Volleyball Club has helped hundreds of student-athletes with the recruiting process. For those new to club, and even those who have played at Circle for years, the rules and requirements can seem a little overwhelming. So, we have put together a short information page for those interested in the recruiting process, from Freshmen year to Senior year. Read more >